Momos are a regular north eastern delicacy of India likewise alluded to as Dumplings, is produced using flour loaded down with sautéed vegetables. Generally, Momos are steamed in bamboo crates. These days, it very well may be cooked in a Steamer/Cooker. It is a delectable mix of garlic, ginger, green chillies and Schezwan sauce in the vegetable blend. You can plan sound momos by including different veggies or utilizing bean grows as a filling. Settle on bright, succulent and fresh veggies to accomplish the best possible appearance, mellow crunch, and taste.


Momos or dumplings are accepted to be of Tibetan cause and is a prevalent road nourishment in India. Momos are of two sorts: singed momos and steamed momos. Momos are solid, especially in the event that they are not browned.

Six bits of steamed veg momos have 270 Cal though six bits of steamed non-veg momos have 390 Cal. The aggregate calorie tally is 45-65 for each piece on the off chance that you don’t run over the edge with the amount. Momos have no particular medical advantages. You can chop down calories while savoring momos at a roadside by building up a desire for veg momos, contrasted with chicken momos which are higher in calories.

Continuously decide on steamed momos rather than the broiled momos. You will chop down 20 cals per piece. Stay away from stew sauce as it is high in sodium and has oil as its base. Rather decide on mint/coriander sauce. For custom made momos, utilize entire wheat flour with maida. You can likewise include soybean alongside slashed vegetables as a filling in veg momos. On the off chance that you are attached to momos, at that point attempt hand crafted momos with various fillings which are sound and sterile.

Calories in Momos are as given below in the table

Momos Calories(1 pc) Fatgm Proteingm Fiber


Veg (Steamed) 35 1.8 0.6 0.3 4.1
Veg (Fried) 113 4 4 1 15
Non Veg (Steamed) 65 5.1 5.7 1.6 16.7

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