The Prana Air cover, being brilliant and conveying a fan and battery, is heavier than most different covers. It measures 78 grams and you do begin feeling it on your nose sooner or later. Be that as it may, the lash is agreeable and can be acclimated to decrease the aggravation levels. The front of the veil can be evacuated to change the channel, or to simply perceive how much residue it is keeping out. Inside you see a mirror-like surface which I don’t think fills any need. The fans are under this and put at the correct spot for you to take in the purfied air. There is a silicone strip around the cover that keeps the awful ventilate and furthermore lessens contact with the face.

prana mask

It has a battery inside that forces fans that suck in air through a HEPA channel which the organization cases can keep out “95 for every penny particles 0.3 microns or bigger. Truly, it is practically similar to binds an air purifier to your face.

When you grasp the cover you can feel the fan working. In any case, it isn’t at all noisy and you don’t feel the fan when you wear it. There is a light that switches on for one moment to demonstrate that the cover has been fueled on. Breathing through the cover resembles keeping your face ideal beside the vent of an air purifier. The air is alleviating and surely better, or considerably more honed, than what is outside. I got the inclination that channel is scented as my olfactory faculties sprung to activity when I wore the cover.

prana air

By and large, the experience is calming, regardless of whether you put aside the positive effect at the forefront of your thoughts. The battery keeps going around six hours on a solitary charge, yet take around two hours to come to full charge. So you should make sure to keep this charged by means of the smaller scale USB port beneath the veil.

Subsequent to utilizing it for a couple of days, I trust the Prana Mask can be a decent device to claim for the individuals who truly experience the ill effects of the allergens, residue and contamination consistently.

Specifications :

Model Prana Air 6 Layer Air Purification Mask
Working Environment 20 to 50 degree Celsius
Evaluated Voltage 3.7 V to 5.3 V
Security Layers 6
Charging time 1.5 hours to 2 hours
Battery performance 6 hours
Noise Less than 2.8 db(A)
Fan modes 3
Gadget performance Can filter 2 litre of every second
Purification efficiency 99.95 percent
Item Size 111x86x43mm
Weight 78 grams
India Price Rs. 3490 INR

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