This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

From here our story begins:

A true love story of a girl, how she suffered and enjoyed during her first love. First love became last love. This story which I had written based on a true story which happened in the real world of my friend’s life, she is no more with us now. on her memorance, I am writing this story. The girl name is sumathi and boy name is Nandu.

A girl studying in abroad, but she is more ambitious wanted to achieve her own identity in society life, a boy is doing his own business and well-settled family in India.

Initially, the girl was not interested in getting marry whatever matches come to her she used to rejected every match. To avoid this marriage pressure from parents, she extended her course by one more semester. I think until now, she was thinking not to meet the right person. One fine day she meets our hero of the story, through a marriage proposal. Her first love started here. They spoke with each other everything was going fine and started knowing each other. One day Nandu called sumathi’s mother also and informed about a marriage proposal, even girls parents agreed. But girl’s parents asked the guy to inform his parents and asked them to call back.

Here lies a twist in the story. They both started loving each other. One day in some conversation he explained to her about the first love story and she died in a road accident, how he suffered when she left him. sumathi felt very sad regarding his past and thought of giving a better life and to forget his past what are steps have to be taken.

But suddenly Nandu’s profession and habits everything came into limelight at this stage. The girl doesn’t know how to react because suddenly her expectations were opposite and she cried the whole day, was anger on him. She understood the situations and accepted whatever he does and the gap between them didn’t end. Sumathi had a hope at least one day he will understand her, come back to her and speaks well with her like before. But nothing ever happened.

But he started avoiding her calls, her messages and started shouting at her also. She used to search love in his scoldings to such an extent she became mad are crazy for him. Even though he was least bother about her. Later sumathi got a doubt on Nandu whether he had any relationship with any girl. She started an inquiry about that. Finally, her doubt was true.

Think now sumathi position. She made her plans and dreams with him. Now he is no more in her life and all her dreams swept in tears. sumathi spoke to nandu regarding this issue, he said now I don’t want you anymore in life. how can he do this her because when he lost his first lover, he knows how this pain will be. even though he knows that pain how can he throw her in that phase? where she doesn’t have anyone to share her sadness and feelings neither family nor friends. She was very sensitive and not able to handle her pain. She went to a depression state. But he is ready to lead his life with his new girl’s friend.

So sumathi thought “Love means searching her happiness in their loved one’s happiness”.

She thought, she should not be a disturbance for them. She wanted to give Nandu a happy life with whom he wants to live. She can’t live without him. Because she gave a promise to him, she will be there in his life; she can’t share her life with another. Her sufferings and pain should not give her family members and friends to worried about her. So she left everyone. She didn’t even care for her parents. To such an extent she loved him. Might be he is not worthy enough for her.

“She died to give him a happy life with whom nandu needs to live”.

” She died  physically only but she is still alive in his happiness”

“This true love story ended in half happy and half sad”.

“Hope that after her death at least now, if he understands her love that’s enough for her, with this change her soul will rest in peace”.



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