We all have one thing in common, food. We love food. Our varieties and taste may vary, culture may be different, but at the very core, we like to eat.

Apart from delicious Pizza and Burgers that we enjoy, there are many dishes around the world which is disgusting for many people. You may even question how could anyone eat that. We bring one of the disgusting dishes from China.

three squeaks

“Three Squeaks” is the literal translation from the Chinese name of this dish and hails from a variety parts of China, mainly in the Guangdong (Canton) Provence. The reason why it is called “Three Squeaks” is due to the sounds made when eating this dish. Contrary to some popular belief, this is not an urban legend dish.

The first squeak is when the mouse/rat is picked up with the chopsticks. The second is when the mouse/rat is dipped into the sauce (temperature change causing the squeak). The third is when the mouse/rat is placed into your mouth (another temperature change).

There are a number of other Chinese dishes (as collected from Chinese sources) that are legendary. Legendary is used in the sense that the stories are passed around and are widely known, but it is impossible to find a restaurant that serves these interesting dishes, although there are plenty of rumors about who eats it (some other group), where you can get it (someplace else) and often when it was available (in the past).

3 squeaks dish

This Chinese delicacy is called ‘Three Squeaks’. The name might give you a minute hint as to what it could be. This one you should definitely check out, a dish that will make your stomach turn. The shocking truth about this dish is that the main ingredient of the dish is nothing but newborn mice.

The name of the dish Three Squeaks comes from the main ingredient of the dish, because of the sounds of the mice.The first squeak is made when the mouse is picked up with the chopsticks, second squeak is when the tiny mice is dipped into the sauce and the third squeak is when the new born mice is placed inside the mouth.

It might look nauseating, but the three squeaks is a well-known delicacy in China.  The mice is served along with a dipping sauce and chopsticks.


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