Indian Culture is an old and popular culture on the planet. India is very popular for its rich social legacy which had a mix of traditions, conventions, a way of life, religion, dialects, ceremonies, food, and so forth. It has a many culture variations. Indian culture and conventions are very logical which hasn’t known to the world.

what reason is Jewelry Important for Indian Ladies?

Jewelry has been a important for Indian ladies since ages. Indian jewelry are additionally viewed as a matter of security in a period of money related to emergency because of its great value. To highlight the women’s liberation factor, ladies wear jewelry made with valuable metals like gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.

Now, let’s understand the important scientific reason behind each jewelry worn by Indian women. Here we have a list of most commonly worn jewelry pieces with their cultural and scientific significance.


Mangalsutra is used to control body blood pressure levels and make blood circulation improves in the body of the lady wearing it. Generally, the husband offers it to the lady during the wedding and it is worn by the married ladies.


Wearing a ring on the fourth finger from the thumb is specifically associated with the nerve going through this finger to the mind neuron cells. With metallic rubbing, ladies have good health and get ability to deal with stress easily.


Necklace worn close to the heart is accepted to control feelings and affection. Wearing a neckband of stones is accepted to tie ourselves with their everlasting forces. Since antiquated occasions, pieces of jewelry, pendants and chokers were worn by ladies to bring good karma and avoid the stink eye.

Nose ring:

Nose ring is the most tempting piece of jewelry on the wedding day. Scientifically, it is trusted that ladies having nose ring experience less labor pain. Ayurveda thinks of it as a significant piece which is worn on the spot specifically associated with the strength of the female regenerative organs. It additionally keeps ladies to control the cerebrum wavelength.




Tika comprises of a chain with a pendant in the front and a snare at the opposite end.  In perspective of science, this creates the gathering of the male and female components in nature at both the physical and the psychological dimension.




It is an Indian convention that parents get their girl’s ears pierced at a young age when the skin is excessively delicate. Science says that ear puncturing helps in the scholarly improvement of an individual. Ear piecing helps in boosting the reasoning force and basic leadership capacities.

Toe ring

A silver ring is worn on second toe by married ladies. It interfaces with the uterus and the heart through a nerve. It keeps up blood flow, reinforces the uterus, and guarantees for regular menstruation. The ring is made of silver, it removes body heat. A toe ring was helpful for pregnancy mother for carrying more weight as the child develops. The ring used to activate particular pressure point to massage focuses, which acts useful for pregnancy mother.


The bangles that are worn in a lady’s wrist. It rubs wrist helps in smooth blood flow. The round molded bangles don’t have an opening and subsequently, the power returns to the body.


On the forehead, between the two eyebrows. This point is considered as a important nerve point in the human body. To hold vitality in our body and control the different dimensions of focus. It increases the blood supply to the face muscles.

Sindoor or Vermillion

It is fascinating to take note of that the use of sindoor by wedded ladies conveys a physiological hugeness. This is so on the grounds that Sindoor is set up by blending turmeric-lime and the metal mercury. Inherent properties of mercury is to control blood circulation and reduces anxiety.

Mehendi/Henna on the Hand and Feet

Mehendi is an exceptionally ground-breaking therapeutic herb. Mehendi can reduce an excess pressure since it cools the body and protects the nerves from getting to be tense. This is the motivation behind why mehendi is applied on the hands and feet.


Anklets were the basic piece of ladies attraction in Indian culture. It helps in curing  numbness, tingling, leg pain or weakness by wearing anklets. Silver anklets can relive you from such pains and provide you with a lot of positive energy.

Waist/Hip/Belly Belt:

Hip or famously known as waist belts were not normally used by ladies. Just used for the wedding or some happy events. these were accumulated to immersion of belly fat and helps in maintain the body shape.


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