Paralysis causes the loss of muscle function, affecting the body partially or completely. It can affect any body part and is mainly includes loss of feelings in that regions. Paralysis refers to the inability to move muscles, and it’s a state in which the person fails to move the muscles correctly, and is termed as Muscle function loss.


Some common causes of this condition include nerve disorders, autoimmune diseases, tumor, stroke, nervous or spinal trauma and hemorrhage. Paralysis is of several types.


Tumors in the spinal or brain region



-Parkinson’s disease


-Cerebral palsy


  1. a) Monoplegia: It affects only one limb, leg, or hand.
  2. b) Diplegia: It affects both the limbs, i.e., entire body.
  3. c) Paraplegia: It affects both the legs and trunk (right and left side of the body).
  4. d) Hemiplegia: It affects only one side of the body.
  5. e) Quadriplegia: It affects all the four limbs and trunk.

Natural Home Remedies For Paralysis Cure:

Mustard Oil:


It is very effective in curing paralysis. Apply Mustard oil on the affected part of the body. You can also use Ghee in place of mustard oil.


yoga for paralysis

Practice it continuously for 1 hour and you will see the immediate results as well. It is the best way to cure Paralysis. It has the ability to cure paralysis within 2 weeks. Kapalbhati, Ujjai Pranayama are also very effective.



Garlic is also another effective home remedy to cure paralysis. Take 5 to 6 pieces of Garlic and  add two spoons of honey to the grinded paste. Now take this mixture daily and within two months, you can get relief from paralysis.

Also boil 5-6 pieces of garlic in the milk and take them on daily. This will control your blood pressure as well as affected part will also become alive.



Take 5 gram of Grinded ginger along with 10 grams of Urad Dal . Now, cook it in 50 grams of mustard oil for 10 minutes. Also add 2 grams of powdered camphor in it. Now use this mix oil to massage gently on the affected area.

Sugarcane Root :


To improve the symptoms of paralysis, the patient can be given a sugarcane concoction. To make it, 1 kg of coarsely ground sugarcane root has to be boiled in water until reduced to half its original quantity. This mixture will have to be strained and combined with six grams each of black pepper. This herbal medicine can be administered to the patient in a dosage of 1 to 2 grams every day until the condition is healed.

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