India is well known for its tradition and culture. The convention of wearing bangles in India began in ancient days. In any case, even today, ladies love to wear bangles to upgrade their elegance and importance. Bangles are accessible in different materials and models.

Name derivation

The word bangle had derived from the HINDI word Bangri or Bangali, Which in Sanskrit gives the signifying “The ornament which wore in the arm”.

Importance of wearing bangles for Married women in a general way:

In India, married women should wear bangles, which symbolize health and future of her husband. Material and color of bangles preference vary from place to place.

While in north India Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and Rajasthan, the ivory bangles (chuda) are important; in states like Odisha and West Bengal, lac bangles (pola) and shell (Shankha) are compulsory for married women.

In some communities, there is a belief that golden bangles should not be worn alone, so they are combined with some glass bangles. In Some communities, ladies are superstitious to the point that while changing the bangles they don’t expel one of the bangles making their arms completely bare. They keep minimum one bangle to the arm until they wear another set of bangles. They believe empty arm brings misfortune.

For what reason do Women Wear Bangles in Scientific manner:

In Ancient days men used to go and work in farms and forests which included a lot of muscle work, while ladies used to do all the household works. Though household works involve a lot of work when compared to a man’s work it is less. Due to less physical work, there is a chance to increase blood pressure, which leads to impatience, anger, and depression.

Made up of which material

Bangles resemble a lot of arm ornaments typically made of glass, silver, copper, wood, plastic and generally worn by South Asian ladies. In any case, a solitary bangle made of steel or iron when worn alone is called Kada – which can be worn by all genders.

Advantages of wearing bangles

1. Wrist loads:

  1. Bangles (made of metal) goes about as Wrist Weights, ladies commonly have less bone density and weak bones when compared to men.
    1. Focus:

    The movement of bangles delivers a vibrating sound, which helps in focus on things.

    1. Absorbs jerks:

    Bangles/Kada hits first any object/wall so retains jerks and impacts.

    1. Infant security:

    Bangles make a sound which helps new conceived or children to concentrate on mother and find a mother’s position. Adapted improvement is a neutral stimulus.

    1. Decrease static energy:

     Bangles help to scatter static charge work in the body.

    1. Blood circulation and energy:

    Normally the wrist portion is in steady initiation on any human. Also, the pulse beat in this portion is generally checked for a wide range of diseases. The Bangles utilized by ladies are ordinarily in the wrist part of one’s arm, and its consistent rubbing builds the blood circulation level. Electricity goes out through the external skin is again returned to one’s own body due to circle shaped, which have no chance to pass the energy outside but to send it in to return the body.

    1. The fetus craves acoustic stimuli:

    Bangles are skilled to ladies amid the baby shower because the tinkle of bangles gives acoustic upgrades to the infant. Studies have appeared lively or quieting music decreases a pregnant lady’s pressure and misery and enables the embryo to build up the capacity to hear. A pregnant lady who is worried is bound to bring forth a preterm or underweight child, gynecologist’s state.

    1. Emotional balance:

    An exploration made on women wearing glass bangles and those wearing bangles made of other synthetic materials had shown that glass bangles vibrated and are pacifiers and mediators of strong feelings. Those wearing non-glass bangles were observed to be unsettled and too much enthusiasm, to given circumstances and improvement, in the analyses lead.

    1. Positivity:

    Glass bangles were found to assimilate the goodness and purity from the climate and the components prevailing in the common environs around and radiate them on to the wearer. The sound caused due to the movement of bangles also found to be pleasant and delicate on the environs and the resounded the peacefulness of the surroundings onto the wearer back. Also, glass bangles spurned the terrible vibes in the environment and shielded the body of the wearer from evil agents in the atmosphere.

    1. The essence of colors:

    Two shades of bangles had prescribed – Red and Green. Those from Maharashtra and Karnataka wears Green shaded glass bangles. Also, those are from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab wears Red hued glass bangles. Green has peaceful and energetic while red has the ability to destroy evil.

The Relevance of Colors

  • Red bangles – energy.
  • Green bangles – good luck and prosperity.
  • Yellow bangles – happiness.
  • White bangles – new beginnings.
  • Orange bangles – success.
  • Silver bangles – strength.
  • Gold bangles – good fortune.
  • Black bangles – power
  • Purple bangles – Independence.
  • Blue bangles – Wisdom/Tranquility.

Names in different languages

  • Hindi: Choodi (चूड़ी)
  • Bengali: Churi(চুড়ি )
  • Kannada: ಬಳೆ Bale
  • Nepali: चुरा Chura
  • Assamese: খাৰু kharu
  • Tamil: வளையல்
  • Marathi: बांगडी Bangadi
  • Telugu: గాజు Gajjulu
  • Urdu: چوڑیاں‎,



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