Once upon a time, There was an old bungalow that is filled with rumors and different Ghost living stories. so, the neighbors near the building have filed a complaint to police but they haven’t turned up due to the rumors regarding the ghost and finally, some scientists have turned up after coming to know about these rapidly spread rumors. A scientist has tried to check the vibrations of the devil or ghost they and experienced some shadows and a women crying and screaming in pain. After listening to these sounds, they got alarmed and ran away from there.

bungalowAnd after few days a special cops team came to check the bungalow. The special cops have decided to stay up the late night over there and wanted to prove these rumors wrong. In the dark night, the ghost has come and started crying and screaming. everyone over there got shocked and started running away except one person. He is the leader of the team named Mr.Dravid. Then shadow has started talking with this cop.

Mr.Dravid was filled with much fear but shadow replied “calm down Mister… calm down….. and I’m not going to harm you, you are the only one person who came near me and no one tried to listen to my sorrow and I expect you to help me”

so, the cop has decided to listen to the ghost’s story, the ghost started saying, “I’m Wrachel. My father expired and my mother was only one in the world to me and when I was in my teenage she left me and has gone far away from me, then later I meet a person and fell in love with him and we got married and started leading a happy life.”
“One fine morning a post came to us from his parents and he left for his village to inform his parents about our marriage. After he left, I have come to know that we are going to be parents soon. Many days passed but he didn’t turn up to me. When I decided to go to him, I have been surprised by him & he came.”


“He started by saying that he is going to do 2 marry some other one as per his parents wish, I was shocked and I have literally begged him not to spoil my life but he neglected me and left me and the next day when I was about to go to his parents but then he meet me and confusingly apologized me and finally we came to our house and then started beating me. That’s the point where I have realized that my love has cheated on me.”

“In that dispute between us, I have also come to know that he didn’t even inform his parents about marriage and our baby. In that anger, he also smashed my head to the wall. That is where I was dead. Along with me, my baby was also no more…”

Mr.Dravid replied “I believe that you have been murdered but the people and government will not believe they need some proofs to confirm this case” then she replied, “you just go to the bathroom in this bungalow you dig the ground, then you will find my deadbody with my baby”

ghost story

Immediately this cop went to court and said about the total story but no one believes and laughed aloud. Then, Mr.Dravid went with proofs and DNA reports even though none believe him then Wrachel shadow came to the court and she signed in reports of DNA everyone was shocked seeing the sign. Everyone is shocked and Wrachel’s husband was sent behind bars.

From that day no sounds from building and shadow came to police officer thanked for the help and she also informed him about where her costly belongings were placed and asked him to take that and use for his living, as he was the one person who helped her a lot. but the officer didn’t agree with her and handed over it to the government.

Scientists have scientifically proved that Every ghost is not harmful, but the fact is that sometimes humans are more harmful than a ghost.

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