Super Fast Computer:

Worlds most powerful superfast computer is here! Nowadays we are leading a busy life. technology plays a major role in our lives. making more comfort us superfast computer as came to us….

A supercomputer is a computer with a high level of performance compared to a general purpose computer .performance of a superfast computer is measured in floating – point operations per second (flops)instead of million instruments per second (Mips). as of  2017, there are supercomputers which can perform up to nearly a hundred quadrillions of flops, measured in p(eta)FLOPS. As of November 2017, all of the worlds fastest 500 supercomputers run Linux – based operating system.

super computers

Additional research is being conducted in china , united states, European  union , Taiwan and japan  to build even faster , more powerful and more technologically  superior exascale supercomputer.super computer plays an important role in the field of computationally intensive tasks in various fields , including quatum  mechanics , weather  forecasting , climate research ,oil and gas exploration , molecular modelling (computing the structures and  properties of chemical compounds , biological macromolecules, polymers ,and crystals ),and  physical simulations (such as early moment such of  the universe ,airplane and spacecraft aerodynamics ,the  detonation of nuclear weapons , and nuclear fusion)


supercomputer list is the Sunway taihulight in China, with a  Linpack benchmark score of 93 Pelops, exceeding the previous record holder, Tianhe -2, by around 59 Pelops .sunway taihulights emergence is also notable for its use of indigenous chips and is the first Chinese computer to enter the TOP500 list than the united states. As of June 2016, China, for the first time, had more computers (167)on theTOP500 list than the united states (165) however, we built computers held ten of the top 20 positions; as of November 2017, us has four of the top 10 and China has two. supercomputer

Us has long been a leader in the supercomputer field, first through crays almost uninterrupted dominance of the field, and later through a variety of technology companies. japan made major strides in the field in the 1980s and 90s, but since then China has become increasingly active in the field.

The supercomputer is the fastest computer 10 times faster than the latest version we are using now. We also have many uses with the supercomputer. Here we go with the uses…..


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